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Milou & Pilou is a vintage-flavour clothing brand for girls made between Spain and France and proudly based in Barcelona.

The idea of Milou & Pilou started by the nostalgia of happy childhood memories. We offer comfortable, stylish clothing for girls aged 0 to 10; classic, timeless pieces with lots of Liberty, a touch of innocence, neutral colours, simple lines and a pinch of vintage-style that makes for happy mothers and daughters. We use beautiful fabrics – light poplins, organic cotton and traditional linens, our items are traditionally, locally and ethically manufactured this makes every collection quite limited but with the outstanding quality we look for our kids. Coats have big pockets for storing treasures, skirts have volume for twirling round the garden and fabrics are soft for rolling on grass. We are in love to that nostalgic and charming look, hope you as well.

Sustainable production

In Milou & Pilou the high quality of clothing is what drives us. For that reason, all our production is made locally in Barcelona. We want to preserve a sustainable clothing activity, ethically produced and contribute to the clothing craftmanship to make every piece unique.

We hope you will enjoy it…

Who is behind the whole thing?

The brand is based on the ideas of Mama Alicia, inspired by her own beautiful girls and happy childhood memories. With a little team of four enthusiastic people, our first collection FW14 was launched exclusively on our own online store but progressively you can find our collections in some stylish online portals and media, especially in the UK, US and Australia but also in some retailers around the world.

The main focus for us is to use exclusive fabrics, such as traditional linen or Liberty print poplins and denim, lots of denim!

All our items are traditionally manufactured in Barcelona as well as in our local Atelier, contributing to the ethical and local production. This also makes our collection very limited and exclusive.

Charming dresses with the nostalgic look good that we all love, with the quality and warmth of pure fabrics, with pure and cosy shapes, looking for super comfortable outfits for the little ones.

Because girls are just girls once, and because we should never resign of quality and craftsmanship for little nice things. Let them be little!

Where can you find us?

Our Headquarter is located in the beautiful city of Barcelona, so if you are nearby come and say “hello” we love visits. We have an Atelier were you can see the “behind-the-scenes” of our pieces, so you can see how we design, cut and sew all the dresses, skirts and coats from each collection. You can also have a look to all the different fabrics we love to work with. Please contact us here to schedule a visit. click here We love hearing from you!


We are proud to be in Barcelona as we are in a rich and long tradition area of textil industry. For that reason we love to collaborate with local and small design schools and many non-profit institutions mainly aiming at encouraging the innovation process in the knitting and sewing. Because we believe sewing is an art and we need to protect and to keep not only the good quality but also the local production to make every piece as unique. Don’t you agree? We also love to collaborate with some sewing schools, because there is challenge to keep and enhance the good quality of textil tradition.

For some of our pieces, we had the collaboration of FITEX who has become a reference centre for companies involved in R D I regarding the textile-fashion-apparel sector. The challenge is impelling innovation in a wide sense: product, process, management, knowledge of clothes. Fitex has helped us to develop some of our knitwear pieces, made in pure finest merino wool, working on an ecologic dyeing process, pieces made to last that you will not easily find everywhere.

Want to know some more?

Please contact us we will be happy to help.

Can we find Milou & Pilou on stores?

Milou & Pilou sells primarly online but you can find some of our pieces in some offline and online stores as well, if you want to know where to find us or you are interested in having our collection in your store please contact our sales team We will be happy to collaborate with you!