I made your clothes

From the 23 till 29 of April we are joining the Fashion Revolution Campaign with the movement “I made your clothes”#imadeyourclothes. What is that? Fashion Revolution is a global [...]

Go go Gingham girl!

Gingham or Vichy fabric is a type of simple, woven cotton or linen cloth. Originally it had a regular bright coloured stripe but later appeared as a check or plaid pattern. The name may originate [...]


November and December are the busiest months ever, that’s why this year we organized our first opendays on our Atelier. Opendays We decided that it was a good time to open our little place [...]

Little Kin Journal

IG is a fantastic tool to meet such interesting people, especially on those Halloween dates. There are plenty of beautiful blog entries, DIY articles, pictures on Instagram or Pinterest ideas. We [...]

Mama’s Wardrobe

Mama’s wardrobe is our new collection Fall Winter 2017. It was shot in Tennessee by the brilliant photographer Amelia Hambrook.  We had the collaboration of her beautiful daughter India [...]

New York, New York

I know, I know it’s been a long time since our last post and I am catching up a little bit with our last events, Playtime, new collection,… Playtime New York Fall is now here and we [...]

Shooting in Montana

Shooting SS17 The shooting of the newcollection SS17 called “The Essentials” took place in Montana by the photographer Robyn Jones. She is based in one of the most beautiful [...]

FW16 Jardin d’Hiver

Jardin d’Hiver (Winter Garden) The Fall Winter Collection has been inspired by a song appeared on the 2000 called “Jardin d’hiver” aka Winter Garden or Greenhouse in [...]

Alexa Meade Body Painting

Who is Alexa Meade? I recently discovered the amazing work of Alexa Meade.  She is a body painting artist that paints portraits on the human body that turn real life people into seemingly 2D [...]

May News

We have some great may news to share this month after the quiet past weeks. After working hard we will be presenting our next summer collection in some European trade shows this coming June. We [...]

Kayoko Liberty Print

Liberty Prints Kayoko Liberty print is one of the best Tana Lawn Prints for summer from Liberty of London. This print was added on the portfolio of the classic Tana Lawn from fabrics on [...]


A marinière or breton striped sweater is a long-armed shirt with horizontal blue and white stripes normally made in cotton or soft wool. Characteristically worn by quartermasters by the French [...]

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