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From the 23 till 29 of April we are joining the Fashion Revolution Campaign with the movement “I made your clothes”#imadeyourclothes.

What is that?

Fashion Revolution is a global movement that works for a more sustainable fashion industry, campaign for a systemic reform of the industry with a special focus on the need for greater transparency in the fashion supply chain. As a small brand, really conscious about the ethical and local production, we are joining this campaign. We have been challenged many times by you, customers and retailers, about our production was made? where are we from? how the supply chain works?.

So here we are ready to show who is behing Milou & Pilou. From the creative part till the production and designing side.  And because transparency is the new trend.  We think it is more and more important not only as a brand but as mothers and consumers too to ask, who is behind the clothes we are wearing. In order to help to create a fairer, safer, cleaner fashion industry.

The team

So…let us introduce our little team starting with Joan and Assun. They both work on the wool area, yes, making those wonderful jumpers and marinieres you love that much. They select the finest yarns, knitting, washing and finishing them so they can be so soft and cosy.


Here meet Eugenia from the design side, she cuts and reviews all the denim skirts. She is one of the masterminds creating the prototypes and also the “custom-made” skirts you ask from time to time. Being on the fashion industry for more than 40 years she is one of the most experienced people on the team (and she is a really “denimlover” too).


Most of you have meet “virtually” Emma, she is behind-the-scenes on the online shop, she manages the chat on the shop (the one you like so much) and also behind the customer services, she packs, reviews and sends all your orders. She is adorable and we know it.


Here you have Patricia, our boss on the sewing area, she is a team player, together with Anna they work on the production, making sure every piece has the best quality and finition.


Our lovely retailers are very familiar with Felip from meetings and trade shows, our sales guy, the one that makes sure you get everything on time and always with a smile!


Here you have Pedro, the accounting manager, he controls, reviews and make sure everything works smoothly. We are very lucky having him.

The newest member of the team Sandra, helping on the designing process and a master in multi-tasking too, you can find her most of the time on the Atelier.


And finnally on the creative area there is mama Alicia, #retrolover and #denimfan, creating nostalgic collections since early ages, collections that remind us of happy childhood memories.

So We made your clothes and we believe this simple question gets people thinking differently about a brand. So we encourage you to take action too and use your voice to make a positive change on the fashion industry. Challenge your favorite brands or your children’s favorite brands, how they work, who is behind the clothes you buy. And that makes the whole difference, don’t you think?

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  • Sharon Hall

    Thank you guys for sharing this. I remember you ask on Instagram is we were interested in knowing who is behind you beautiful brand, and as a customer I wonder if you were kind of a small company or if there were more people involved. Also it is nice to put faces to names, I have been in touch with Emma many times and she is adorable. A little suggestion though, you should post more often on the blog 😉 CHeers.

  • Vivianne Schultz

    I didn’t know about this movement of fashion revolution. I think it is interesting as a consumers to know how the clothes are made especially on the big fashion brands. Thanks for the heads up.

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