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Recently on a overseas flight I had the occasion to see the very inspirational film Captain Fantastic. Having children don’t let you go very often to cinema, but travelling is a good way to catch up on those movies you never had a chance to see. Well that’s what happened to me, I heard about Captain Fantastic since it was released in 2016. I always wanted to see it.

Real Life inspiration

I am sure that most of you are familiar with the story, which isn’t a true story -but its real life inspiration is fascinating. The comedy/drama is about a man who raises his six children deep in the woods of Washington in their own small utopian society, until he is forced to take them into the real world for the first time, where they face endless challenges and questions. The idea about having the desire to raise your children in a perfect world; having complete control over their upbringing, if you are parent it might sound familiar to you. But the movie explores not only that philosophy, but also the downside of the idealism that occurs when the children inevitably encounter the real world and begin to think for themselves.

The Looks

The film is also inspirational on the costumes and styling side too. It is a hymn to a hippie 60’s style. Picked randomly on different vintage stores or around the film locations the colorful mix-match of pieces is truly an inspiration and an expression of freedom itself. This story is so colorful, these kids are so colorful, with such an exploratory, questioning, philosophical spirit. You can see magenta, greens and lots of denim and chambray shirts, trousers and skirts. Well the film itself creates a fantastic imagery wardrobe that inspired so many children fashion editorials too. Have a look.



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